Class AccountBook


public class AccountBook
extends java.lang.Object
AccountBook is the overall container for a data file in Moneydance. It contains references to all transactions, accounts, currencies, securities, budgets, etc.
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    • getLocalStorage

      public LocalStorage getLocalStorage()
      Returns an object that can be used to save information locally, such as preferences, network/syncing settings, and passwords (if the data file is encrypted). Note: data put into the local storage is not synced.
    • setLocalStorage

      public void setLocalStorage​(LocalStorage newStorage)
      Sets an object that can be used to save information locally, such as preferences, network/syncing settings, and passwords (if the data file is encrypted). This should be set only by the application if it wants to override how data is stored. Note: data put into the local storage is not synced.
    • getFileUUID

      public final java.lang.String getFileUUID()
      Get the unique ID for this data file. If there are any data files with the same ID then some not-great things may happen with syncing, so be careful when restoring backups and un-archiving files.
    • doInitialLoad

      public void doInitialLoad​(boolean isSyncMaster) throws java.lang.Exception
      Load the set of accounts from storage
    • saveTrunkFile

      public void saveTrunkFile() throws java.lang.Exception
      Saves a snapshot of the current data set in a "trunk" data file. If the resetTxnQueue parameter is true then any incremental transaction logs since the last save are wiped out. Therefore, the parameter should only be true if we're the master syncing node AND ve created a new data file for the first time or we want to reset the transaction queue for some other reason.
    • hasCompletedInitialSync

      public boolean hasCompletedInitialSync()
    • startSyncing

      public void startSyncing​(com.infinitekind.tiksync.SyncFolder syncFolder, com.infinitekind.tiksync.SyncDelegate callback, boolean isMasterSyncer) throws java.lang.Exception
      If the syncing process hasn't already been established then this synchronously downloads the initial data set. It then kicks off a background thread to continuously sync this data file. If syncing has already started this does nothing.
      syncFolder - The online "folder" in which sync files are stored
      isMasterSyncer - true if this data set is a master copy; that is, it's not a mobile device or secondary desktop copy
      java.lang.Exception - whenever it feels the urge
    • stopSyncing

      public void stopSyncing()
    • pauseSyncing

      public void pauseSyncing()
    • resumeSyncing

      public void resumeSyncing()
    • getCurrencyByUUID

      public final CurrencyType getCurrencyByUUID​(java.lang.String currencyID)
    • getAccountByUUID

      public final Account getAccountByUUID​(java.lang.String acctID)
    • getAccountByNum

      public final Account getAccountByNum​(int acctNum)
    • getAccountByUUIDOrLegacyNumber

      public final Account getAccountByUUIDOrLegacyNumber​(java.lang.String acctID)
      Lookup an account by either it's old account ID (if given a numeric value) or by it's UUID.
      build 1204
    • getSyncer

      public com.infinitekind.tiksync.Syncer getSyncer()
      Get the syncer associated with this data set, if any.
      the syncer if this account book has started syncing, or null if not
    • initializeNewEmptyAccounts

      public void initializeNewEmptyAccounts​(java.lang.String defaultCurrencyID) throws java.lang.Exception
    • initializeAccounts

      public void initializeAccounts​(Account rootAccount)
    • getName

      public java.lang.String getName()
    • getRootAccountFile

      public java.lang.String getRootAccountFile()
    • getAttachmentsFolder

      public java.lang.String getAttachmentsFolder()
    • getCheckpointsFolder

      public getCheckpointsFolder()
    • getLastModified

      public long getLastModified()
    • getCheckpointFiles

      public java.util.List<> getCheckpointFiles()
    • getRootFolder

      public getRootFolder()
    • getTemporaryFolder

      public getTemporaryFolder()
    • getEncryptedTemporaryFolder

      public getEncryptedTemporaryFolder()
    • getUndoManager

      public UndoManagerInterface getUndoManager()
      Get the undo manager that is associated with the UI for this data file. Returns null if the UI hasn't set an undo manager.
      Moneydance 2017.3 build 1605
    • setUndoManager

      public void setUndoManager​(UndoManagerInterface undoManager)
      Set the undo manager that is associated with the UI for this data file.
      Moneydance 2017.3 build 1605
    • getRootAccount

      public Account getRootAccount()
    • getTransactionSet

      public TransactionSet getTransactionSet()
      Get the set of all transactions.
    • getCurrencies

      public CurrencyTable getCurrencies()
      Get the set of currencies associated with this file
    • getReminders

      public ReminderSet getReminders()
    • getBudgets

      public BudgetList getBudgets()
    • getAddresses

      public AddressBook getAddresses()
    • getOnlineInfo

      public OnlineInfo getOnlineInfo()
    • getMemorizedItems

      public ReportSpecManager getMemorizedItems()
    • equals

      public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object obj)
      equals in class java.lang.Object
    • createAccountBookStructure

      protected boolean createAccountBookStructure()
    • toString

      public java.lang.String toString()
      toString in class java.lang.Object
    • isValid

      public boolean isValid()
    • isValid

      public static boolean isValid​(AccountBook book)
    • accountBookForFolder

      public static AccountBook accountBookForFolder​( folder)
    • isValidBookName

      public static boolean isValidBookName​( baseFolder, java.lang.String bookName)
    • isValidBookFile

      public static boolean isValidBookFile​(java.lang.String filename)
    • setPublicMetaData

      public void setPublicMetaData​(StreamTable newMetaInfo)
      Set the public meta data that applies to this set of accounts. This should only be called by the objects that read the data from an input stream.
    • getPublicMetaData

      public StreamTable getPublicMetaData()
      Return public metadata about this set of accounts. This should include any information that is not in the encrypted part of the file. This will most likely only contain the encryption hint.
    • cleanUp

      public void cleanUp()
      Avoid lapsed listener leaks when successively opening multiple files. Clean up all fields that have back references to this object, and remove any listeners that were not already removed.
    • registerAttachmentForDeletion

      public void registerAttachmentForDeletion​(java.lang.String attachmentPath)
    • unregisterAttachmentForDeletion

      public void unregisterAttachmentForDeletion​(java.lang.String attachmentPath)
    • cleanupDeletedAttachments

      public void cleanupDeletedAttachments()
    • addListener

      public void addListener​(AccountBookListener listener)
    • removeListener

      public void removeListener​(AccountBookListener listener)
    • addFileListener

      public void addFileListener​(MDFileListener listener)
    • removeFileListener

      public void removeFileListener​(MDFileListener listener)
    • addAccountListener

      public final void addAccountListener​(AccountListener listener)
      add a listener to be notified when an account is modified.
    • removeAccountListener

      public final void removeAccountListener​(AccountListener listener)
      remove the specified object so that it doesn't get any more notifications when an account is modified.
    • notifyAccountModified

      public void notifyAccountModified​(Account acct)
      notify all listeners that the specified account has been modified.
    • refreshAccountBalances

      public boolean refreshAccountBalances()
      This will update the accounts balance from the "working" value and notify listeners if the balance has changed. Returns true if any of the balances have changed.
    • refreshAccountBalancesAsync

      public void refreshAccountBalancesAsync()
    • setRecalcBalances

      public void setRecalcBalances​(boolean doRecalcs)
      Tells the model whether or not all account balances should be recalculated whenever a transaction is modified. For performance reasons this should be set to false before adding/modifying/deleting a bunch of transactions and then set to true afterwards. DON'T FORGET TO SET TO TRUE WHEN DONE WITH THE OPERATION!!!!
    • getRecalcBalances

      public boolean getRecalcBalances()
    • logRemovedItems

      public boolean logRemovedItems​(java.util.List<MoneydanceSyncableItem> itemsToRemove)
    • logRemovedItem

      public boolean logRemovedItem​(MoneydanceSyncableItem removedItem)
      Record that the given item was removed, so that the removal of the item can be synced.
    • registerNewItemWithoutSyncing

      public void registerNewItemWithoutSyncing​(com.infinitekind.tiksync.SyncableItem newItem)
      Call this to add an item to the data set that is not yet synced. This should only be called when loading data in bulk. After this is called you should push a new trunk data set to the syncing system so that this item is not lost! This is useful when loading data from an older moneydance data file when you want the data loaded, but don't want it (yet) synced via an incremental update. Note: This must ensure that the item's UUID is not a duplicate of anything that is already in the data set.
    • logModifiedItem

      public boolean logModifiedItem​(MoneydanceSyncableItem modifiedItem)
      Record that the given item was changed, so that the change can be saved and synced.
    • logModifiedItems

      public boolean logModifiedItems​(java.util.List<MoneydanceSyncableItem> modifiedItems)
      Record that the given items were changed, so that the changes can be saved and synced.
    • save

      public boolean save()
      Save any pending queued changes, returning false if we couldn't save something
    • performPostLoadVerification

      public void performPostLoadVerification()
    • setFinishedInitialLoad

      public void setFinishedInitialLoad​(boolean b)
    • moveToFolder

      public void moveToFolder​( newFolder) throws
      Move this account book to the given base folder. This is used for internal functions such as moving a provisional set of data from a temporary folder into it's permanent location.
      Moneydance build 1525
    • scheduleQueuePurgeInMillisecondsFromNow

      public void scheduleQueuePurgeInMillisecondsFromNow​(long inXMilliseconds)
    • hasLoggedChanges

      public boolean hasLoggedChanges()
    • resetLoggedChanges

      public final void resetLoggedChanges()
    • getItemForID

      public final MoneydanceSyncableItem getItemForID​(java.lang.String itemID)
      Returns the local item that has the given ID
    • getItemsWithType

      public java.util.List<com.infinitekind.tiksync.SyncableItem> getItemsWithType​(java.lang.String type)
    • fakeAccountBook

      public static AccountBook fakeAccountBook()
    • getUnusedFriendlyFileInBase

      public static getUnusedFriendlyFileInBase​( baseFolder)
    • getUnusedFileNameWithBase

      public static getUnusedFileNameWithBase​( containerFolder, java.lang.String baseName)
      Return a unique internal account book file folder with a name based on the given base file name
    • getBookFileForName

      public static getBookFileForName​( containerFolder, java.lang.String bookName)
    • stripNonFilenameSafeCharacters

      public static java.lang.String stripNonFilenameSafeCharacters​(java.lang.String filename)
      Strip all characters that should not appear in a filename (including path characters)