Class OnlineMailList

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public class OnlineMailList
extends MoneydanceSyncableItem
This class contains a set of mails that are used for online bill-mail. This information is very fluid and the structure will probably change, so all of the information is represented a StreamTable/Vector structure that can easily be serialized and deserialized from the data file.
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    • getSyncItemType

      public final java.lang.String getSyncItemType()
      Description copied from class: MoneydanceSyncableItem
      Subclasses should override this to return a static string identifying their type of object
      Specified by:
      getSyncItemType in interface com.infinitekind.tiksync.SyncableItem
      getSyncItemType in class MoneydanceSyncableItem
    • itemWasUpdated

      protected void itemWasUpdated()
      Description copied from class: MoneydanceSyncableItem
      This is called after an item is updated by calling itemWasUpdated(SyncRecord). This can occur from the syncing process or from being loaded locally. Override this method to be notified.
      itemWasUpdated in class MoneydanceSyncableItem
    • itemWillSync

      protected void itemWillSync()
      Description copied from class: MoneydanceSyncableItem
      This is called just before an item will be stored and/or synced when itemWillSync(SyncRecord) is called. Override this method to be notified or if you'd like to store anything into the info record to be synced.
      itemWillSync in class MoneydanceSyncableItem
    • clearAllMails

      public void clearAllMails()
      Remove all mails from the list (so that they can be resynchronized from the server.
    • getMailCount

      public int getMailCount()
      Get the number of online services that the user has access to.
    • getMailByID

      public OnlineMail getMailByID​(java.lang.String id)
    • getAllMessages

      public java.util.List<OnlineMail> getAllMessages()
      Get a list of all OnlineMail message objects.
    • removeMessage

      public boolean removeMessage​(OnlineMail message)
      Remove the given mail object from the list. Returns true if the value was found in the list.
    • newMail

      public OnlineMail newMail()
      This creates a new mail that is associated with this list and the specified payee. Note: The mail is not added to the list. That should be done only by the OFXConnection.
    • addNewMail

      public void addNewMail​(OnlineMail mail)
      Adds the specified mail to the mail list. This should only be called from the OFXConnection during mail list synchronization.