Class CollapsibleRefresher


public class CollapsibleRefresher
extends java.lang.Object
Class that enables easy collapsible refreshing. That is, if you expect to receive a lot of updates to a data model that the UI can't keep up with, you can use this to enqueue a Runnable that will refresh your UI that won't queue up more than one Runnable on the swing event dispatch thread. Created by sreilly - 15/01/15 15:57
  • Constructor Summary

    Constructor Description
    CollapsibleRefresher​(java.lang.Runnable refreshable)  
  • Method Summary

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    void enqueueRefresh()
    Checks for any pending refreshes.

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    • enqueueRefresh

      public void enqueueRefresh()
      Checks for any pending refreshes. If there is one pending we don't do anything. If there isn't one pending, a refresh runnable is added to the EDT queue